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"Would you like a drink? I have... some left."

Adam: black suit, brown hair, drinks on the side.

Adam Thornton in Ristol, failing a test.

Adam Thornton is a character in The Final Station and its DLC The Only Traitor. He is a member of the mysterious Council, a position he inherited from Christoph Thornton.


Adam Thornton runs the electrum mining operation in Ristol and the surrounding areas. His brother, Peter Thornton, is bitterly envious of Adam's placement in Ristol[1].

Adam has taken advantage of electum's ambient properties, allowing a poisonous haze to insulate the city from the outside at the cost of increased mortality rates among the population[2]. He claims they avoid Ristol because of it.

Adam and Armand White went to school together and he was tasked by Armand's father to keep him away from Arthur Vane's influence[3]. He fails.

Adam is a member of the Council but works with the Blacksmith toward Vermond White's original goal of saving humanity, counter to their current Darwinist objectives. He leaks information about their back room dealings to Alex Medim and makes several attempts to delay and disrupt the Second Visitation. He delivers the Guardian's power core to the Blacksmith via the Machinist undamaged, and closes the shelters early[4], locking the Hunter's people out. When confronted about his betrayal by the Hunter, he plays dumb. Ultimately, after he is "convinced" to change his allegiance, he is Reborn.

He seems to be something of a drinker.


In The Final Station, he orders the player to deliver his factory's power core from Ristol to Metropole to complete the Guardian.

He is encountered again in the second Unknown Station at 特别会 (the special meeting), where he offers the player a drink.

Finally, he is sitting outside the meeting room in Redmund. This time he does not offer the player a drink.

In The Only Traitor, the player overhears him talking to the Hunter in Ristol, and witnesses him fighting with Armand during a run through a time distortion dimension in the final section of the game.