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"Irvin Jones"
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Assistant Engineer

Irvin Jones is a Passenger on the player's rail line in The Final Station.


Irvin Jones works as an Assistant Engineer at Redmund Station alongside the Conductor. He is the first passenger to be picked up by the Conductor. He fills in the Conductor about the New Train and his Assignment to deliver it to Wilstream. He tells the Conductor that the Train needs Constant maintenance. He also fills in the Confuctor on why Blockers have been installed at all Stations due to an Accident at Exler-5 on order from the Council. On the way to Keskus Central Station, Jones tells the Conductor about fellow Conductor Trevor’s Disappearance while driving his train out West.

After he is forced to disembark at Emergency Station A-45, he gives the Conductor $250. It is unknown what happens to Jones after this, as the station was likely overrun.

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