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"Martin Jarvis"
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Reward $140

Martin Jarvis is a Passenger on the player's rail line in The Final Station.


Martin Jarvis is a Writer and Librarian picked up by the Conductor at Bridgestone Station. It turned out he didn’t know the Second Visitation was happening as he doesn’t watch TV to “Shield myself from Propaganda” and was stuck in his shop basement writing. He regularly shares conspiracy theories with his fellow passengers, much to their dislike, such as his belief there was no proof the First Visitation happened (Although he denies that he denies that it never happened). His family was also settlers. Despite this he believes that it was made up in some way

When he safely departs at Ristol, he gives the Conductor $140. It is unclear what happened to Martin. While the Conductor is exploring the L-abs Bunker, he finds Martin (or at least a very similar looking person) in a glass capsule. It is unknown why Martin was sent to the Bunker. It is also unknown how he was sent to the bunker, since Adam Thornton says that the Conductors Train was the only one available for miles