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The panorama of Metropole. The upper and lower belt-like structures in the picture are the unfinished city walls.

The Monument of Strugatsky Brothers in Metropole

Metropole is one of the Stations and Locations of Achievements in the game The Final Station.

Metropole is the name of the city; Manufactory is where the Guardian build.

In-Game Description[]

Metropole - the capital of the surviving world, was built after the Great Migration to the order Vermond White. The Council Tower is based in Metropole. Council members oversee the executions of all plans, developed after the First Visitation, to protect humanity from a repeat incident.


  • Its known that their are 5 main languages used in the whole game (Chinese, Russian, English, Japanese and Korean).
  • The city consist of many Alley ways and Streets being compacted into small like areas over stacking each other, with big structures like the guardian Launch zone, the Rail company office, and the Strugatsky Brothers Statue having a wide scale area of space. For the Walls of the city, only the western sections mainly finished, with the eastern and northern sections remained unfinished. This may be that the First visitation came from the west region and the protection of the Guardian.

A in-game map, shows the first circle of Metropole, with the Guardian at the center.

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Following Orders.jpg Following Orders Take 6 passengers to Metropole

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