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The Rifle is one of the Weapons in The Final Station, serving as a late-game replacement to the Pistol.


The Rifle is a fully automatic weapon, chambered in Pistol Ammunition, holding 16 rounds per magazine. It is effective at long range crowd control and suppression of large groups of enemies, however, the faster firing rate and nullified upgrades limit it's effectiveness as a surgical tool. The rifle, once acquired, will replace the Pistol, nullifying any and all upgrades applied to the Pistol earlier in the playthrough (Laser Sight, Piercing, Extended Clips, etc.). Additionally, when attacking with melee, you will now swing the butt of the rifle much like the Shotgun, dealing slightly increased damage with both charged and non-charged attacks.

This weapon is found at the Military Base station in the late game, one station before Metropole, located beside a dead body inside the missile control room. It is impossible to get past this station without acquiring the Rifle, which comes in useful almost immediately after -- especially for those without Shotgun Ammo. Furthermore, once you acquire the Rifle, Pistol Ammunition will be found more frequently in greater volume, an effort to compensate for the higher rate of fire.