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Ristol is one of the stations and Locations of Achievements in the game The Final Station.

In-Game Description[]

The sun sets on Ristol.

Following the unsuccessful attempt to find a field of electrum in Emeric's Crater, researchers expected a great breakthrough at the spot that was to become Ristol, when Metrapole's council allocated extra-budgetary resources to build Nebelherz, a factory nowadays located in the centre of the city.

However, it didn't stop private mineral mining factories from growing, which cause the city's expansion.

Blocker Code[]


Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description Info
City of The Factories.jpg City of The Factories Take 6 passengers to Ristol
OldFriend.PNG Old friend's story Finish the game with an "old friend" John Cocker is picked up in Ristol in The Only Traitor DLC

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