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Ristol Newspaper is a note in The Final Station.


The Ristol Police under the order of Adam Thornton conducted investigation and confiscated one ton of crushed electrum illegally mined by the Skammen Factory as Skammen Factory Management tried to transport it out of Ristol.

Remember that any extraction of electrum within the city territory must be licensed and taxed.

"Too bad that so many years later some individuals still think they can illegally smuggle minerals out of my city. Today's example will remind them what happens in such scams."

"There's a belief of an increase in population mortality in the city.

I'm telling you, as a scientist I've heard these stories since the first day of my work in Ristol. There's no benefit to us keeping our people under a poisonous atmosphere.

Our goal is for each person mining electurm to live long and happy life."