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"Ronda Miles"
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Reward $100

Ronda Miles is a Passenger on the player's rail line in The Final Station.


Ronda Miles is a Passenger who is picked up by the Conductor at Wallick Station. She is constantly shown as a Pro-Authority Figure, in contrast to fellow passenger John Cocker. They regularly get into discussions over authorities, with Ronda siding with the Driver and the Council in their discussions. She is also shocked to see that John has found a gun and kept it despite the harsh punishment if found with one. At one point, John discusses overthrowing the Conductor to prevent more people from getting onboard, however she shuts down his idea.

When she safely departs at Ristol, she gives the Conductor $100. It is likely that Ronda died after Ristol was overrun, as shown in the Add-on The Only Traitor