The Final Station Wiki

There are 30 stations in The Final Station (see the map on the train), and players will meet 24 of them. Exploring them provides clues (notes) as to the history of this dying world, as well as supplies necessary (food, pills/medkits, weapons) to survive the journey ahead.

After the Second Visitation, stations can be divided into two types, derelict ones that have been abandoned or overwhelmed by zombies turned by capsules, which means you will involved in some combats; and inhabited ones that still feature people clinging to dear life and eking out a pathetic existence in the shadow of the undead hordes.

Survivors can be picked up at stations and carried on board on the journey.

In order to leave the station, player need to find the Blocker's Code of the station.

Stations List[]

  1. Bertfurt Station (the FIRST station, the train station of Redmund)
  2. Nimlard
  3. Central Station "Keskus"
  4. Emergency Station A-45
  5. Wallick (first derelict station)
  6. Midford
  7. Bridgestone
  8. Nevils A5
  9. New Costfield
  10. Ristol, "City of the Factories" (safe)
  11. Hazelborn
  12. Arden
  13. Unknown Station (with Lost Description I)
  14. Unknown Station (Station of 特别会, blocker's code as Farewell Gift)
  15. Unknown Station (with Lost Description II)
  16. L-ABS Bunker (safe)
  17. Modeline Valley
  18. Oil Platform B-85
  19. Rail Factory E5K
  20. Personal Station 02-T
  21. Classified Station (known as Military Base, with Classified blocker's code)
  22. Metropole (safe)
  23. Lost Connection (where the Hunter stayed, with Hunter's Code)
  24. ( station never reached because train is broken )
  25. Redmund (the FINAL station, where Bertfurt Station located in)