The Final Station Wiki

The Survivors of the first incident play a large role in The Final Station.


Passengers are survivors you pick up to transport onboard your train.

As the leader of this entire band, you are responsible for keeping their health and hunger meters up using medicine and food respectively, and you will have rewards if they reach their stations safely.

While sitting in the carriage, passengers will have conversations, provide lots of information about this country and Visitations.

The Only Traitor DLC

  • Harry Green - Editor
  • Jesse Michael - Projectionist
  • Bill Jerome - Factory director
  • Brandon Reed - Historian
  • Matthew Sanders - Cook
  • Bob Cross - Brewer
  • Charles Berger - Musician
  • Marc Rayen - Lumberjack
  • John Cocker - Shop assistent
  • ??? - ???


The variety of staff on the train line that features so heavily in this game often have interactions with the character, forcing progression in the story.